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Conference "Subcultures: potential for development" - ПРЕДМЕТ: Пространство субкультур [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
ПРЕДМЕТ: Пространство субкультур

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Conference "Subcultures: potential for development" [Aug. 13th, 2009|01:27 pm]
ПРЕДМЕТ: Пространство субкультур

21, 22, 23 October. Moscow

Concept of three days

On the first day of the conference the work will focus on promotion of
applied nature of scientific research and actualization of studies in cultural
research, social and cultural anthropology, ethnography, art, philosophy,
interdisciplinary studies in humanities dedicated to subcultures.

How can the structure and particularities of “the epoch of subcultures” be
described? How can the status of subculture be defined in the context of the
modern society? Principles and strategies, axiomatics and conceptual notions
developed in the frameworks of academic schools and trends existing in this
field of studies will be discussed. A space for lively communication between
representatives of leading anthropological and culturalistic trends and schools
will be formed.

On the second day of the conference the work will be devoted to the
role of subcultures in urban development. This topic will be presented through
Russian and foreign experience of sociocultural projects implementation. In
the present day world, where human flows (migration, tourist etc.) are
intensified, cultural diversity has been rapidly growing. Beyond all doubt,
cultural diversity has become a challenge for cities. How can this process be
channeled into a positive course? Can diversity be used as a resource for
creative development? What leaders and institutions implement such kind of
Crossing borders between a majority and a minority, between a dominating
culture and subcultures, between urban areas, social classes, confessions,
professions and different arts inspires cultural, social, civil and economic

On the 3rd day technologies of working with subcultures as new markets and new
social groups used to promotion of goods will be discussed. How to deal with
subcultures in Russia? What technologies of such work exist? Experts of this
day will offer innovative methods of working with this material to the business
From the social stratification point of view, the Russian society has gone
through different stages of development. Since the early 1990s Russia has
been penetrated with new international trends, including foreign marketing
approaches. At the same time, foreign universalized methods of work are not
always applicable to the Russian context. How does Russia differ from other
countries – China, Germany, the USA, in the aspect of social stratification and
particularities of certain social groups? What is common and universal and
what is different? What are the approaches for understanding the current
social situation in Russia? How to conduct marketing research in Russia,
considering particularities of a local culture?